Andrology and Fertility Hospital of Hanoi is a specialized hospital in Sexual Health, Reproductivity Health and Infertility for both male and female.

Our hospital has been professionally invested with spacious infrastructure and synchronously modern equipment, with high-ranking experienced experts and close collaborations to leading domestic medical foundations as National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Embryos Technology Centers, Military Medical Academy, HOSREM as well as to international IVF centers in Europe, Australia and ASEAN.

Moreover, we have the most up-to-date laboratory for re-productivity (IVF lab) that has been being operated by experienced well-trained doctors and embryos experts; and the result is we gain a high rate of success among thousands IVF cases as well as other IVF centers as mentioned

Our hospital is a profound medical knowledge of Specialized Fertility Study Foundation, offering effective treatments with reasonable costs, excellent services ; also it is the first non-public medical unit of the North that has ever sucessfully performed In-Vitro Fertilization Technique,which was licensed by Vietnam Medical Department

Some of the hospital’s specialty fields :

Andrology and Sexology:

Erectile Dysfunction; Orgasm Disorder, lack of sexual desire, Ejaculatory Malfunction, Anejaculation, Premature Ejaculation, Retrogade Ejaculation, incapable of intercoursing ; constant erection.

Birth- defect Diseases: Abnormal Chromosome, Hermaprodite, unrevealed, misplaced testicles, Abnormal penis shapes including twisted, curved, stucked foreskin ones; penile fracture, athwart urinary hole,…

Reproductive Diseases: Penile fracture, twisted testicles, testicle membrane drainage,tumours formation, penis imflammatory,…

Treat phlebectasia – the top cause of male infertility, by microsurgery.

Examine and cure problems with female physiological sexual disorders like the lack of sexual desire or orgasm disarray,…

Examine and treat reproductory diseases of both males and females:

Firstly, (We) check your reproductive health, consult on infertility plan with high chance of sucess.

Male Infertility problems : Anejaculation, infrequent sperm ejaculation, deformed sperm; Seminiferous tube absence, clogged vas deferens, endocrine disorder, sperm-producing disorder,…

Female Infertility problems: Endocrine disorder, anovulation, ovarian desufficiency, fallopian clog,…

Endoscopy Surgery is carried out to treat gynecology and female infertility diseases such as: Malformed, clogged egg sleeves, ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps.

Treatment surgery for Andrology diseases like: Connecting vas deferens after sterilization, phlebectasia, undescended testicles,…

Reshaping reproductive surgery for males and females.

Fertility – ART( Asisted Reproductive Technology):

Diagnosing , operating infertility diseases for males and females.

Stimulating ovulation with high-tech, methodical tools meeting standard qualifications.

Creating artificial fertilization ( IUI – Intraurine insemination) with male partner’s sperm or from the sperm bank of highest quality.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF,ICSI).

Sperm banks, embryos banks will readily provide for anyone’s in need, accept from donators, from sperm senders,…

Especially, we have sucessfully cured male infertility causes including: No sperm-producing, anejaculation, reverse ejaculation, urinary fracture trauma, underneath limbs paralysis,…

Our hospital is guaranteed to only apply and carry out the most advanced and effective treating methods in operating diseases related to reproductory system.

AF Hospital works based fully on these disciplines: Carefulness, scientificity, merticulousness, cost- effectiveness and finally high – efficiency.



Andrology and Fertility Hospital of Hanoi
? (+84) 1900 56 56 01
431 Tam Trinh Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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