What is paraphimosis?

Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin has been pulled back behind the glans and cannot go back to its original position. If the foreskin keeps long time in this condition, circulation to glans and foreskin can be restricted or stopped, it can cause pain and swelling and gangrene. This is a serious medical problem and must be treated urgently to prevent from long-term damage of the penis.


Causes paraphimosis

Paraphimosis commonly is from narrow of foreskin ring, but it is not completely narrow like phimosis, it is partial narrow. It can happen at any age, commonly occurs in the first time of retracting foreskin. Some case it can be caused by injury to the head of the penis.


Paraphimosis reduction procedure

Apply local anesthesia medicine and lubricant gel to lessen and relieve pain then try to move the foreskin forward. To reposition the foreskin, place both thumbs on the glans penis and wrap the fingers behind the prepuce. Apply gentle steady pressure to the foreskin (prepuce) with counter pressure to the glans penis as the prepuce is pulled down.

Picture illustrate for Paraphimosis reduction procedure Source Internet

Urgent Circumcision

Urgent circumcision need to be done when the foreskin does not go back to its normal position, in AF hospital we limit urgent circumcision to prevent of difficult scar healing and bad scar. We usually do prior to first stage for phimosis reduction procedure then waiting some days for reducing edema of foreskin. We will continue to do secondary stage for circumcision.

By Dr Nguyen Ba Hung

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