Phimosis is condition that the foreskin is too tight, or the ring of the foreskin too narrow to open the glans of the penis.



Narrow of foreskin ring, some case the ring is very small such as a head of needle, it probably causes accumulation of urine in foreskin like balloon during and after short time when patient urinate.

The opening of foreskin has a white ring that looks like scar tissue.

Urinary retention, urinary tract infections and the skin on the penis can become infected. The infection arise discharge from inner layer of foreskin

Older men with severe phimosis have a higher risk of developing cancer of the penis.

Pain when erections and sexual intercourse, or difficult urinating in children.


Phimosis is often seen in children or young adults (called primary or congenital phimosis), most commonly before puberty. Phimosis can also happen after injury that causes the foreskin to tear (called secondary or acquired phimosis). As the tear heals, scar tissue makes the foreskin less able to stretch far enough to pull back. The scarring from BXO can also cause phimosis. Phimosis can happen after infection or as a result of inflammation (balanitis).


Steroid creams applied once or twice daily within 2 weeks. Studies have shown that with primary phimosis the creams have a good rate of success (more than 85 per cent)

Adult men with phimosis should be checked for balanitis, diabetes and screened penis cancer before do circumcision.

Circumcision is common solution apply for secondary phimosis and failure of the primary phimosis steroid cream treatment.

By Dr Nguyen Ba Hung

Andrology and Fertility Hospital of Hanoi
? (+84) 1900 56 56 01
431 Tam Trinh Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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