Premarital reproductive system examination


A premarital medical examination is one of the most important, must-do thing before getting married . However ,when discussing about this ,people seem to be vague. We all lowered the importance of a premarital examination, some even worry whether having examination causes trouble for their further marriage life. So, what is premarital medical examination? What is included in it? All of the information below must be helpful for the youngster to prepare for their marriage.    

What is a “premarital” medical examination?

Premarital medical examination is an exam to ensure thing goes well for the couple’s later marriage. Nowadays everyone’s life condition is improving .Therefore, the needs of health care is also increase.

Since then, the desire for general health as well as reproductive health guarantee before entering the married life is belong to every couple’s interest. So, “premarital medical examination” is a examine process, includes health and reproductive health checking for both men and women before they’re getting married.


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What is included in general premarital medical examination?

Depending on the differences between each health centers, the medical categories are also different. At present, Assisted Reproductive Technology Center of Hanoi provides these categories for a full premarital medical examination :

  No. Category  Sex 
Male  Female
1  Overview examination x x
2  Gynecological, andrological examination x x
3  Vaginal fluid testing x
4  Urological testing x
5  General blood testing x x
6  Rare blood type testing (ABO,Rh) x x
7  Biochemical blood testing (blood glucose, GOT, GPT, Ure, Creatini, Cholesterol, Triglycerid) x x
8  General urinalysis x x
9  HIV,HBsAg testing x x
10  Seminal map x
11  Abdominal ultrasound x x
12  Breast ultrasound x
13  Testicles ultrasound x
14  Genital secretions x x

What is needed to be prepare before having a premarital examination?

Since a premarital health examination includes general examinations, gynecological examinations, and andrological examinations as well as tests, every couple should prepares these following requests:

+Abstinence from having sex, do not use stimulants, carbonated drinks, alcohol for both men and women.

+ For women: should not be examined while they are in the menstrual cycle or havingvaginal suppositories, …

Costs of a premarital examination

This is a question that many couples wondering about when considering having a premarital examination. Because there are a lot of steps to prepare for a wedding ,many couples are likely to pass this must-have health checking. To talk about the costs ,the doctors say that it is hard to estimate the exact amount of costs, because each person’s examination contains different category of small total health checking exams, and it is also because of the different state of each patient.

Premarital health examining not only creates a relax state of mind for the couple before the marriage but also helps detect and immediately treat any diseases which can affect to both men and women sex life in further .By that ,there are no reasons for you to linger, you may pass the chance to treat your disease if you’re having one.


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