The Co-operation with MercK


On 24/2/2016, AF Ha Noi had a meeting with Mrs Adrianna K. Pope, who came from A.P consulting Office Australia-specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). She is one of the top ART experts.

This international cooperation aiming to advance quality in treating and assisting reproductivity and especially in IVF of AF Hanoi.

In this visit , Mrs.Adrianna K.Pope along with the Doctors and Embryos Specialists of AF Hanoi have had an opportunity to exchange in a friendly, out-going manner about IVF respectively and ART in general.


Before then, in 10/2014, Proffessor – Doctor Adrianna K. Pope has also had a trip to visit and work in AF Hanoi.The aim of the trip was to evaluate the infrastructure as well as IVF services quality and ART quality. She shared that, in this visit and work in The Andrology and Infertility Hospital of Hà Nội, there’s been quite the changes such as: The infrastructure is now modernized than ever, the equipments are so up-to-date, the Doctors and Embryos Specialists all have accquired high Specialty Standards, not only that, she found their warm-hearted, enthusiastic, earnest as well. Therefore, she highly-appreciate the enormous growth and development of the Hospital in the fields of Assisting Reproduction and IVF.

With the profoundity of 29 years of experience in Assistance Reproductory category, miss Adrianna K.Pope passionately shared her precious experiences for the doctors, the staffs in The Hospital in this journey of her. She hopes that, in the next visits, she will witness the distinctive changes of AF Hanoi  especially with the high success rate in treating and operating infertility.

To express deep gratitude of miss Adrianna K. Pope’s unmeasurable helps, the representative chairman of AF Hanoi, Mr Lê Trung Hiếu – also the manager of The Hospital has confirmed the strategy and also the view and specific plans in the near future to invest in expending the infrastructure, equipments as well as strategy in workforce resources, elevate specialty knowledge, update and apply advancing, high-technology in the world to well-cater patients’s incresing demand in the field of assisting reproduction, with a view to service them in the best way !


This meeting of cooperation event is sponsored by Merck’s pharmalogical medicines Lines in discipline of sponsoring commitments for AF Hanoi in international collaborations on training and consulting. In the same day, Mr Alex Wang/ Head Manager of Merck VN and Mr Le Trung Hieu have had a conversation, eventually he decided to ensure the long-term corperation as well as Merck’s commitments in supporting the Hospital with training, consulting and marketing! 


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