Hoang Bao Han (Date of birth: January 01, 2020)


Father: Hoang Thanh Binh

Mother: Hoang Hong Lien

Baby: Hoang Bao Han (January 01, 2020)

Every year, on this day, I would never forget the moment Dr. Hien transferred you into my body. I saw you clearly on the screen. At that time, you were like a tiny speck of dust. I am very honored that you were the first embryo to be transferred on April 29, 2019.

I had played hide and seek with us for 5 years. During those years, I had cried countless times because of inhibition. I sometimes had negative thoughts and sometimes wanted to commit suicide. In the early days when I got married to your dad, people said that I was followed by a ghost and could not get pregnant. I was so sad. We took every kind of medicines, herds, traditional medicines and western one. I’ve been going everywhere but had no results at all. We decided to take IUI twice but failed, either.

After that, I got pregnant naturally. However, before I could celebrate, the doctor said that I had ectopic pregnancy and needed to be hospitalized immediately. Could you imagine? I haven’t been pregnant and enjoyed the feeling of being pregnant but has to leave you. I was in the hospital for 20 days. That time, I was completely desperate. I blamed the fate for not letting me as lucky as everyone else. I wish I could take my belly to have ultrasound like everyone else. I wished to hear your laugh. I did not want to hear the baby’s sound on TV or on the Internet. I wanted to hear you directly. I dreamed of you every night. In dreams, I was carrying you, but when I waked up, I saw nothing. I had an earnest dream. After several times of treatment, my finance is exhausted. I decided to save money to do IVF procedure. I also borrowed others to realize my dream.

I thought I had a predestined relationship with AF Hanoi Hospital. I have not heard the name of this hospital ever. (We originally planned to go to My Duc Hospital). Then, one day, my Auntie visited our house and told us about the hospital, we decided to come there. The first time coming there, I felt the warmness and closeness of guards, staff, and medical team. They were all gentle and enthusiastic. They made me forget the pain and the injections. Happiness broke out when I saw the two-striped stick for the first time. My hand trembled and I dropped the result paper. The next day, I had the beta test results.

However, we were freaked when the beta index dropped. What was going on? I was bewildered and your đa sat in a daze. The whole room was buzzing with calls. Fortunately, there was a sis who gave the idea of calling another party to compare the result. To be honest, I had no hope because they had previously told me that the results were precise. I decided to go to bed to time to fly. However, I then received a message showing that my beta index had increased again. That night, I was really relieved, and slept well.

When everything seemed okey, the fetus split into triplets and threatened to separate. We went to the hospital to keep you two or three times. Doctors all remembered my name. Then, everything was fine. I try to stay in Hanoi until your heart beats became stable. You have threatened me a few times. At the 17th week, my leg was swollen. At 18th week, you went down until the week of 32. I did not dare to go anywhere, only staying at home to take care of you. I only hoped that you would be born healthy.

On January 1, 2020, I officially heard your crying. I had tears in my eyes, but that time, they were tears of happiness. You are truly the miracle of us. Experiencing hardships and humiliation, I want to send a message to infertile families that they should encourage each other, keep trying and never give up. Babies would come to us! Good luck!


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