Mr Francosis – South Africa.


He feels very comfortable and prospective when believed in dr Hung who with variety of experiences. He reported that In South Africa, he underwent 12 years of hormone therapy treatment and his doctor said that he would never become father, one day he went to see the doctor Hung clinic to get the former prescription to continue to use testosterone. “In this historical day, Dr Hung required me changed another medicine (with cheaper price but still remain the same health conditions compared with the former) if I wanted to have children. I was so embarrassed and suspicious about dr Hung protocol, but with a lot of evidences that he shown, I was convinced and undergone Dr Hưng protocol. It did not take me long time to see the effective of the latter treatment, only one year my sperm arouse, I was so happy, I was nearly to become father myself” he exclaimed. He admired and appreciated dr Hung qualification and enthusiasm.