Nguyen Bao An (Date of birth: December 04, 2018)


Father: Nguyen Quy Ung

Mother: Nguyen Thi Phuong

Baby: Nguyen Bao An (December 04, 2018)


What a miracle!

To me, miracles are such a luxury. I didn’t used to believe in miracles until you came to my life. I didn’t have my father to be by my side when I was a little girl. At the age of 12, my mother passed away. I had to coped with this harsh world on my own, without siblings, family, and relatives. I met your dad. We got married and has been together with each other since then. I thought that my life would be better. Unfortunately, we are among thousand of infertile couples.

We followed everyone’s instructions. We used all types of medicines, from herbal to traditional ones. One day, I heard people mention AF Hanoi. We hurriedly went there to take examination. At AF Hanoi, we met numerous couples like us, who are trying to find babies. After examination, the doctor here concluded that I cannot naturally get pregnant.

After two attempts to pump sperm into the uterus in vain, the doctor used IVF method. For the first time of embryo transfer, I expected a lot. I hope that you will come to us. However, the more I hoped, the more I am disappointed. Your grandmother cried a lot but still encouraged me to “keep trying”. She told me you would definitely come to our life. For the second time of embryo transfer, I was not pressure anymore. I relaxed and thought nothing. And you finally came to me.

The first time I held a two-line pregnancy test, and I felt a small baby growing up in my belly, my feeling was mixed with sadness and joy. Your father was always by my side to experience those miracles for 9 months and 10 days waiting for you. The moment you were born, miracles really happened, and I believed so. What we need to do is to be active, not stay in one place and wait for the miracle to come.

Thank you doctors from AF Hanoi for instructing us and other fertile couples to find our babies, our miracles.


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