Vu Nguyen Hoai An – Vu Nguyen Bao An (Twins born on May 10, 2020)


Father: Vu Hoang

Mother: Nguyen Ngoc Bich

Babies: Vu Nguyen Hoai An – Vu Nguyen Bao An (born on May 10, 2020)



It’s you who help me to keep existing, Tho and Soc. Without you, I would have died in the cynicism of the society. I have told you many times that your dad and I have met each other for ten years with many ups and downs, even with blood, tears, and the trouble with money.

We were together with the wishes of both families. However, this happiness was not complete when there was no baby crying. So sad it was! After 1 year of getting marriage, we went to the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology for examination. The results showed that we were both normal. We went home to take care of ourselves and keep waiting before reexamination, but the results still showed that we were normal. We one more time returned home and waited. A year later, we could not wait anymore. We asked doctors to carry out IUI. After failed to have successful IUI twice, we did not give up because we think we were young and did not care. A year later, we changed into another hospital and carried out the IUI procedures 3 times. After I got pregnant for more than 9 weeks, the baby could not be kept. Despite living in a remote mountainous area, I travelled from Dien Bien to Hanoi with the hope that I could save the baby. However, in Hanoi, I had to remove the fetus and was scolded by doctors as if I did not want to give birth anymore for keeping the dead fetus.

Consequences after stillbirth included tubal occlusion. I had to have a tubal occlusion surgery and uterine exploration. The doctor still recommended me to do 3-5 cycles of IUI with little hope. Only at that time, I realized how difficult it was. I had been longing a child with no results. Then, grandparents on both sides asked us to do IVF (in vitro fertilization) in the other hospitals because after watching TV, they thought that the results of IVF were positive. However, for me, the chance was so fragile. I travelled to the South with little hope! So disappointed!

I went to AF Hanoi with strong belief even though no one mentioned it when I was in Hospital of Post and Telecoms. There were no ads on TV, either. I visited the hospital to have examination on the 5th day of the Lunar New Year (to make use of the leave day). I met Thong, a handsome guy. I remember him until now. He asked me why to visit the hospital that day. The hospital worked on the next day. That day, there were only some doctors who were on duty. I would not be able to make the paperwork. At the first visit, I met him and had relatively good impression with the hospital. The next day, I returned and met Dr. Dao Kien, who consulted me. Dr. Kien told us that our AMH was very low. It was hard for us to have a baby, but we still have hope. We were so excited to hear so. Next time, we met Dr. Huong. Dr. Huong encouraged us to try more. Then, we met Dr. Trung, etc.

It sounded simple, but in fact, nothing was simple at all. I need to take eggs to make embryos. However, our embryos once had no beta and once time, they were cancelled because of dissatisfactory mucosa. The handsome doctors kept encouraging me and changed their ovulatory regimen. They repeatedly took eggs while my mucosa was thin. The embryo transfers still failed. I had stimulated my eggs for 14 times and had my eggs removed from the body for 9 times. I had got acquaintance to almost all people in the lab area. They wished me luck every time I had the procedure, but no luck came to me at all.

In 2019, after transferring embryo, I had 2 fetuses. However, they both stopped developing and had to carry out the procedure to remove them. The second time in the operating room, It was frozen a thousand time more than the first time because I feared and I felt so sorry for my children. I remember that on the day of abortion, Dr. Thuy told me to try. It didn’t hurt. I thought that it was my heart got hurt. I hurt because when looking at my husband’s eyes, I see my good-at-nothing. I could do nothing, even to become a mother. I used to think that it would be better if he left me.

After the abortion on May 22, on May 31, I went from Dien Bien to Hanoi to attend the Finding our babies Club No. 9 organized by AF Hanoi to find a hope. That day, I had a talk with Dr. Huong. I asked the doctor if it was necessary to screen for the next embryo transfer because I had 2 stillbirths. He told me that it was not necessary. I once more time had hope. On August 4, 2019, I visited the hospital to attend the Golden Week 2019. I keep going to get luck because I had carried a lot of babies born with the help of AF Hanoi Hospital. My journey to have a baby was so difficult. I slept on the coach more than at home. Dung Nga Coach sometime allowed me to have a trip freely from Dien Bien to Hanoi and Hanoi to Dien Bien because they acknowledged how difficulty I was in.

More than 3 months after abortion, the embryo was once more time transferred. I decided that it would be the last time I tried. I would try even if my mucosa were not in good condition after abortion and the chance to have successful transfer was low. I never thought I would get pregnant. After the embryo transfer, I stayed at the AF Hanoi Hospital. On the day of the beta test, I folded my clothes to prepare for the evening to get in the coach to return to Dien Bien, but no, I got pregnant as a last hope. People say that you will find happiness at the end of the path. It’s true. I have longed to have my child for 10 years, conducted IUI for 5 times, simulated eggs for 14 times, had embryo transfer for 5 times and had 2 stillbirths. I had one surgery and had my uterine investigated so many times. I did not remember how many times I had written the divorce and teared them into pieces. I have had so many nights crying for being a infertile woman. Finally, I could become a mother.

I had an unforgettable memory with AF Hanoi Hospital. It is the second home of mine and my two children. During my 9 months of pregnancy, I stayed at the hospital. I even celebrated the lunar new year at the hospital. Until the date of giving birth, I left the hospital to give birth. If you do not have anyone to take care of them when transferring embryo, or you are worried when coming home, the best option for you is to stay at the hospital. You can dress the hospital’s clothes, eat meals taken to your bed by the canteen. If there is any problem to happen, you will have doctors who are on duty 24/24. Like me, at the time of 6 weeks of pregnancy, I didn’t have baby’s heart. I detected blood threatening to stillbirth. It was fortunate that I was at the hospital. If I was in Dien Bien at that time, I would not be able to keep the babies.

When the fetus was small, I had bleeding, when the fetus was larger, I had had contractions in the abdomen. When the babies did not kick me, I was worried every hour. I remember the day I wen down to the 2nd floor at 11pm for ultrasound because I felt wet and called but the babies had no responses. That day, the doctor on duty was Dr. Tu. He ultra-sounded for me and told me that I can gave birth at that time but the babies did not want to go out. They still wanted to stay at AF Hanoi Hospital. I told him that my kids were the same as me because it was me who liked to stay there. When I called the babies, they had no responses. However, when being ultra-sounded, they kicked me a lot. I thought they liked teasing the doctor late at night. There were some days I had treatment with machine even at 10 pm before going to bed. The nurses joked that I wanted to come to visit them. They told me to rest assured to go to bed and let the baby sleep. AF Hanoi Hospital is always considerate, welcoming, enthusiastic and attentive no matter day or night. The 9 months at AF Hanoi Hospital was the happiest 9 months of my babies and me.

We have to thank the doctors of AF Hanoi Hospital for caring us during the 9 months of pregnancy. Dr. Huong has helped me to transfer embryo and having ultrasound, Dr. Kien and Dr. Trung helped me to ultrasound the baby, Dr. Khanh ultra-sounded for me until I gave birth, Dr. Hien prescribed medication for me when I had the possibility of stillbirth. And, we need to thank Dr. Nhung, Dr. Lien, the roommates, lab technicians for their loveliness. We thank the guard team for always being ready to help me carry things, cover up umbrellas when it rained. We thank the team of housekeepers and nurses. All of them are so lovely and kind. Tho and Soc, you are not allowed to forget our second home – AF Hanoi Hospital. Thank them for bringing you to my life and for having been by my side to help me have a safe pregnancy.

Wish the hospital to develop quickly. I hope that via my story, you will have a firm belief in the AF Hanoi Hospital that they will help you to have your own baby ❤. When you have a belief, baby will come to you!


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