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What is the success rate of IUI? ()
ANSWER: The success rate depends on the quality of sperm and oocyte.  According to statistics the rate of IUI success is only 6% for natural cycle. If used follicle stimulation to increase more oocyte (egg) the success rate rise to 26%. Overall, IUI success rate for one cycle is 15-20%, the…
  • “For foreigner like us, it is difficult to find a good doctor and clinic for caring our health, I searched and I knew dr Hung then I was strongly courage to go to see him for treatment. It’s lucky that when I met dr Hung, I was convinced at the…

    Mr Santiago – Argentina

  • He feels very comfortable and prospective when believed in dr Hung who with variety of experiences. He reported that In South Africa, he underwent 12 years of hormone therapy treatment and his doctor said that he would never become father, one day he went to see the doctor Hung clinic…

    Mr Francosis – South Africa.

  • Mr Steeve ruled out of the burden of sexually transmitted diseases after meeting with Dr Hung. He thanked Dr. Hung for advice and treatment

    Mr Steeve – Australia

  • After experienced healthcare services from Dr Hung at AF hospital, Mr Philip felt very happy with dr Hung treatment, “my partner also had felt really happy and satisfy after the treatment” he said. He appreciates Dr Hung for his professionalism and specialty. He said he would introduce his friends who…

    Mr Philip – US

  • We thank God for our healthy, beautiful daughter everyday and feel so fortunate to have the AF Hanoi team as part of our lives.  This team takes time with all of their patients and continuously shows care and kindness and offers support.  We were with other centers prior to finding…

    Nguyen Thanh Loan – Hung Yen Province


Infertility overview

Definition Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months…


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